Agencies are lead by directors who are members of the GSA but do not serve on the Executive Board. Agencies provide information, programming, and resources to all graduate students for academic, social, and cultural enrichment, and they serve select populations and functions for the graduate student body.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Tasked by the Graduate Student Assembly, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Agency serves as a conduit to startup collaboration, resources, and education. Our chief aim is to centralize and simplify Austin's dynamic entrepreneurial scene by:

  1. Providing resources that empower action and encourage collaboration

  2. Facilitating access to relevant opportunities and mentors

  3. Advertising success stories and entrepreneurial career pathways

  4. Networking across campus and with Austin’s startup community  

  5. Advocating on behalf of student entrepreneurs to policy makers

Our leadership committee is composed graduate student entrepreneurs with representation from all over campus. We understand your challenges because we've been there.

If you would like to get involved in this agency please contact our director, Taylor Foody


Health Agency

The Graduate Student Health Agency works to improve the overall health of graduate students at UT. Through, partnerships and teamwork we hope to improve both physical and mental health among graduate students. Time commitments will vary depending on roles and will be in your control. You don't have to have a background or any experience in the health field. We need a diverse team with diverse talents so everyone is welcome! All that we ask is that you have a positive attitude, the ability to work on a team, a desire to improve the health of graduate students and the desire to have fun!

If you would like to get involved in this agency please contact our director, Benedicta Anikputa.


Voting Graduate Student Agency

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Voting Graduate Student Agency focuses on increasing voter registration and voter turnout in the graduate student population. It is important for graduate students to be involved in the electoral process to ensure that their voices are heard. Throughout the year Voting Graduate Student Agency will focus on information campaigns related to voting laws, voter registration drives and election events.

If you would like to get involved with the Voting Graduate Student Agency please contact our director, Sarah Heise.


International Student Agency

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The International Student Agency exists to make the transition to educational life in America easier for international graduate students, whether they are here for a semester on exchange, or plan on spending years receiving quality education. Our online resources provide valuable information compiled by students who have undergone this unique experience a year ago. We believe that there is value in understanding the cultures of students from across the globe. Our events, whether social or educational are catered towards providing a platform outside the classroom for multicultural interaction.

Undergraduate Mentorship Agency

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The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Undergraduate Mentorship Agency (UMA) is aimed at bridging the gap between undergraduate and graduate students on UT's campus. Mentees will be actively involved in the planning, strategizing, and implementing of graduate student-led initiatives and activities, acquiring key knowledge of the organizational, legislative, and programming aspects of GSA. In the spirit of promoting the UT core values of Learning, Leadership, and Responsibility, the GSA UMA strives to build an engaged community of student leaders who support and encourage one another to grow, develop, and flourish.

As a member of the GSA UMA one will:

  1. Be involved in the planning, supporting, and realizing of GSA initiatives and projects

  2. Collaborate and work closely with campus departments, LSOs, student organizations, agencies, and the general student population

  3. Gain a greater awareness of distinctive issues, interests, opportunities, and activities concerning graduate school and higher education

  4. Acquire a greater understanding of the organizational work that drives GSA's activities and programs

  5. Develop leadership and decision-making skills to promote further growth, and acquire a stronger sense of one's strengths and weaknesses as a leader



Queer Graduate Student Alliance

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The Queer Graduate Student Alliance (QGSA) is an agency of the University of Texas at Austin’s Graduate Student Assembly.


QGSA seeks to promote community and improve conditions for LGBTQIA* graduate students across campus. We welcome all graduate students and allies to attend and participate in QGSA events.


Please subscribe to our listserv to stay in the loop regarding upcoming events and important updates. You can also keep up-to-date by following the @QGSAatUT on Twitter and Facebook, and Queer Screening Series (@UTQSS) on Twitter.

If you would like to get involved with this agency, please contact us at UTQGSA@gmail.com.