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Committees are chaired by one of the members of the Executive Board. GSA Committees provide information, programming, and resources to all graduate students for academic, social, and cultural enrichment. 

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee engages in  the academic issues related to graduate students at the University. In particular, the committee helps guide discussion between the Graduate Student Assembly and the offices of the Provost and Dean of Graduate School on matters pertaining to academic well-being of students that include graduate tuition, dissertation policies, new graduate and dual-degree programs, research and publication.


The committee also coordinates the selection of Graduate Student Assembly travel grant winners and participates in the selection process of Graduate School's teaching and research awards. 


The aim of the committee is to facilitate communication between the GSA and public. This includes the University of Texas public, the general public, the media, and internal GSA members. The primary role of this committee is to ensure GSA's internal and external messaging and communications are consistent with GSA's goals and representative of the graduate student body.

During the coming year, the Communications Committee will assist with the creation and distribution of the GSA newsletter, development and implementation of social media messaging, and facilitation of press pitches. The committee will also support the creation of communication policies and programs to include the coordination of issue and crisis communication.


The Finance Committee manages the appropriations process that allocates about $12,000 annually to graduate registered student organizations (RSOs). An email is sent to all graduate students at the beginning of each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) with the instructions to start the process. The Finance Committee also oversees the organization’s yearly budget and manages the accounting process for all GSA-related spending on events and projects.

Legislative Affairs

The Legislative Affairs Committee advocates for graduate students at the local, state, and federal level. This committee researches important issues that impact graduate students and works with students, administrators, and policy makers to work toward solutions.

Composed of General Assembly Representatives from across campus, the Legislative Affairs Committee works to coordinate several major events throughout the year. These annual events include Invest in Texas, Orange & Maroon Legislative Day, and Longhorns on the Hill. By working with various administrators and policy makers, the Legislative Affairs Committee works on behalf of graduate student interests in regards to legislation effecting The University of Texas and its students.

Programs and Events

The Programs & Events Committee works closely with assembly members, UT departments, student organizations, and local partners to achieve our goal of creating unique and impactful programming for the graduate student community.  This year’s committee is focused on planning and developing programming in five concentrations: Academics, Mental Health, Career Services & Professional Development, Inclusivity & Building Community, and Wellness.  It is through this programming that we hope to create a stronger and more connected graduate student body. 


Typical committee responsibilities may include all aspects of event planning and coordination, including conception, logistical planning, implementation, and assessment.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee is primarily concerned with issues of graduate student welfare. The Committee works across the University, garnering input from all grad students and developing programs and policies to best support the graduate experience for all. The Committee liaisons with various levels of UT administration to accomplish its goals, and works to ensure that both communication flows smoothly between both groups. 


The Committee is open to all members who are interested in improving the grad student experience in a variety of ways, and is also a great place for those interested in learning more about how higher education functions.

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