GSA Legislation Template

2020-2021 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

J.R. 20-01 A Joint Resolution in Support of a President Supported by Students

J.R. 20-02 A Joint Resolution in Support of The Addition of an X Gender Marker in the UT System

G.B.20 (F) 1 - Approval of the 2020-2021 Budget

G.B. 20 (F) 2 - Amending the GSA Bylaws to Create the BGSA Agency

G.B. 20 (F) 3 - Amending the GSA Bylaws to Codify Virtual Meetings

2019-2020 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

G.R. 19 (F) 1 - Approval of the 2019-2020 GSA Operating Budget

G.R. 19 (F) 1- Table Budget 2019-2020 

G.B. 19 (F) 1 - Amendments to the GSA Bylaws to Ensure Gender Neutrality

G.R. 19 (F) 2 - Nomination of Samantha Fuchs as SAGE-GSA Liaising Officer

G.B. 19 (F) 2 - Amendments to GSA Bylaws to Allow UMAs to Participate in GSA Standing Committees

G.R. 19 (F) 3 - Approval of Fall Appropriations

G.R. 19 (F) 3 - Appropriations Table Budget 2019-2020

G.R. 19 (F) 4 - Nomination of Hadiza Mohammed as Diversity and Engagement Liaising Officer

G.R. 19 (F) 5 - A Resolution in Support of Uninterrupted Health Insurance Coverage for Graduate Students

G.R. 19 (F) 6 - A Statement in Support of the Student Safety Working Group Addressing University Sexual Misconduct Policies

G.R. 20 (S) 1 - A Statement in Support of Parental Accommodation Policies at all Colleges and Schools

2018-2019 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

G.R. 18 (F) 1- Approval of the 2018-2019 Budget

G.R. 18 (F) 1 - Table Budget 2018-2019

G.R. 18 (F) 2 - Approval of 2018 Fall Appropriations

G.R. 18 (F) 2 - Spreadsheet Appropriations Fall 2018

G.R. 18 (F) 3 - Ensuring Time off to Vote for Student Employees

J.R. 18 (F) 1 - A Resolution in Support of Creating a Native American and Indigenous Cultural and Resource Center

J.R. 18 (F) 2 - A Resolution in Support of the Creation of Permanent Deans’ Student Advisory Committees

JR 18 (F) 3 - Resolution In Support of Scooter Safety and Parking Guidelines on Campus

J.R. 18 (F) 4 Joint Resolution in Support of UT Professors and UT Gun Free Signage

G.B. 18 (F) 1 - Resolution f or Adoption of Changes Proposed by the Election Common Code Reform Committee

G.R. 19 (S) 1 - Approval of 2019 Spring Appropriations

G.R.19 (S) 1 - Spreadsheet Appropriations Spring 2019

G.B. 19 (S) 1 - Amendment to the GSA Constitution for Full-Time Status Eligibility of the President and Vice President

G.R. 19 (S) 2 – A Resolution in Response on behalf of Universities in Texas to Federal Changes to Immigration Policy Affecting International Students

G.B. 19 (S) 2 -  Resolution to Remove Deposit Requirement for Executive Alliance Candidacy from the GSA Election Code

G.R. 19 (S) 3 - Resolution to Support Graduate Student Financial Needs and Transparency on the Graduate Education Task Force

J.R. 19 (S) 3 - Endorsement of UT Sustainability Master Plan and Goal of Zero Waste Campus by 2020

J.B. 19 (S) 1 – Amendment to GSA Bylaws to Formalize the Joint Resolution Committee

G.R. 19 (S) 4 - A Resolution in Support of Expanding the Scope of GSA Travel Awards


2017-2018 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

G.B. 17 (F) 1- Approval of the 2017-2018 Budget

G.R. 17 (F) 1- Table Budget 2017-2018

G.R. 17 (F) 2- Approval of Fall Appropriations

G.R. 17 (F) 2- Spreadsheet Appropriations Fall 2017

G.R. 17 (F) 3- GSA Agency Bylaws

G.R. 17 (F) 4- Amendment for GSA Bylaws- Membership Director

G.R. 17 (F) 5- In Support of the DREAM Act of 2017

G.R. 17 (F) 6- Resolution to Change the Name of Robert Lee Moore Hall

G.R. 17 (F) 7- In Support of Safety Resources for Bicyclists and Pedestrians on the UT Austin Campus

G.R. 17 (F) 8- Resolution to Repeal the Prior Service Requirement for Graduate Student Assembly President Within the Constitution

G.R. 17 (F) 9- Against Provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

G.R. 17 (F) 10- In Support of Net Neutrality

G.R. 18 (S) 1- RecSports Access and Delayed Costs for Graduate Students during Summer

G.R. 18 (S) 2- Approval of Spring Appropriations 

G.R. 18 (S) 2- Spreadsheet Appropriations Spring 2018

G.R. 18 (S) 3- Redistribution of Budget Funds

G.R. 18 (S) 4- In Support of Gender Inclusive Restrooms on Campus and the Conversion of Pre-existing Restrooms

G.R. 18 (S) 5- Amendment to the Confirmation of Appointed Positions in the Event of Vacancy

J.R. 18 (S) 1- In Support of Revising University Policies Regarding the Prohibition of Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assignment Assault, Sexual Misconduct, Interpersonal Violence, and Stalking

G.R. 18 (S) 6 - In Response to Proposed Federal and State Policies on Gun Violence Prevention

G.R. 18 (S) 7 - Amending Campus Carry Policy at UT Austin

G.R. 18 (S) 8 – In Support of Research Regarding Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

G.R. 18 (S) 9 ⎯ In Support of Gender Pronouns, Alternate Names, and Name Pronunciation Options on UT Direct and CLIPs


2016-2017 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

G.B. 16 (F) 1- Approval of the 2016-2017 Budget

G.R. 16 (F) 1 - UT Trademarked Logo

G.R. 16 (F) 2 ⎯ In Opposition to Portions of Capital Metro’s Connections 2025 that Adversely Affect Graduate Students and in Support of the University of Texas at Austin Advocating for Changes to Connections 2025 

G.R. 16 (F) 3 - In Support of Incorporating Gender Inclusive Bathrooms in All Pre-Existing Buildings

G.R. 16 (F) 4 - In Support of Gender-Inclusive Sign Changes for All Single-Use Bathrooms on Campus

G.R. 16 (F) 5 -POD at PCL

G.R. 16 (F) 6 - In Support of Adopting Parental Accommodations Policies by All Schools and Colleges at the University of Texas at Austin

J.R. 16 (F) 1 - In Support of the University of Texas at Austin’s Policy on Affirmative Action and Student Diversity

G.R. 17 (S) 1 - In Opposition to the Executive Order

G.R. 17 (S) 2 - Spreadsheet Appropriations Spring 2017

G.R. 17 (S) 3 - Redistribution of Rollover Funds

J.R. 17 (S) 1 - Joint Resolution in Support of the Addition of Dental Services

J.R. 17 (S) 2 - In Support of 2017 Invest in Texas Platform 

J.R. 17 (S) 3 - In Support of Orange and Maroon Day

G.R. 17 (S) 4 ⎯ General Resolution Against Sanctions for Sanctuary Cities and Campuses

G.R. 17 (S) 5 - General Resolution in Support of the Addition of Campus Spaces for Concealed Carry Exclusion Office Hours 

G.R. 17 (S) 6 - General Resolution in Support of the Expansion of the Incubator Space on Campus 

G.R. 17 (S) 7 - In Further Opposition to the Executive Order Denying Entry of Refugees, Dual Citizens, Green Card Holders, and Visa Holders of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia into the United States 

G.R. 17 (S) 8 - In Opposition to Federal Censorship and Cuts to Arts and Science Funding 

G.R. 17 (S) 9 - Against Senate Bill 6, the “Texas Privacy Act,” which prevents transgender people from using restrooms corresponding with their gender identity

G.R. 17 (S) 10 - In Support of Providing Greater Access to Hydration Stations In Welch Hall, The Perry Castaneda Library, and the Peter T. Flawn Academic Center

G.R. 17 (S) 11 - Resolution in Support of a Graduate Career Placement and Transition Task Force

G.R. 17 (S) 12 - Resolution for Transparent Wages and Cost of Living Increases

2015-2016 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

G.B. 15 (F) 1-Approval of the 2015-2016 Budget

J.R. 15 (F) 1-Creating a 30-Day Grace Period for Clearing Financial Bars

G.B. 15 (F) 2-Approval of GSA Apportionment 2015-2016

J.R. 15 (F) 3-A Joint Resolution In Support of the University in the Case of Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin

G.B. 15 (F) 3-Approval of the Fall 2015 GSA Appropriation Requests 

G.R. 16 (S) 1-Keeping UT Classrooms Gun-Free (as amended)

G.B. 16 (S) 2-Approval of a request of an increased budget for the Health Agency

G.B. 16 (S) 3-Approval of Spring Appropriations Appropriation Spreadsheet

G.R. 16 (S) 2- Endorsement of Changes to the Graduate Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

G.B. 16 (S) 4-Funding of a Grad-Prom Healthy Relationship Night

G.R. 16 (S) 4- Resolution Honoring the Memory of Haruka Weiser and in Support of the Weiser Family


2014-2015 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

G.B. 14 (F) 1-Appointing GSA Vice President for 2014-2015

G.R. 14 (F) 1-In Support of Suicide Prevention Week 

G.B. 14 (F) 2-Appointing GSA Legislative Relations Director for 2014-2015

G.R. 14 (F) 2-In Support of Student Protests at Jadavpur University

G.B. 14 (F) 3-GSA-Budget-2014-2015

G.R. 14 (F) 3-In Support of Relationship Violence Prevention Month

G.B. 14 (F) 4-Fall 2014 Appropriations

G.R. 14 (F) 4-In Approval of the Presidential Appointments of Invest with Texas Directors

G.B. 14 (F) 5-Approval of Changes to the Constitution of the GSA

G.B. 14 (F) 6-Approval of Changes to the By-Laws of the GSA

G.R. 14 (F) 6-In Support of Not Drastically Reducing Teaching Assistantships

G.B. 14 (F) 7-Approval of Changes to the Internal Rules of Procedure of the GSA  

G.B. 14 (F) 8-Approval of Changes to the Election Code of the GSA

G.B. 14 (F) 9-Creation of Entrepreneurship and Industry Agency Director

G.B. 14 (F) 10-Creation of Graduate Student Health Agency Chair

G.B. 14 (F) 11-Creation of the Position of Senior Legislator

G.B. 14 (F) 12-Approval of the EIA 2014-2015 Budget

G.B. 15 (S) 1-Approval of the Graduate Student Health Agency 2014-2015 Budget

G.R. 15 (S) 1-A Resolution Passing the Graduate Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities​

G.B. 15 (S) 2-Approval of Spring Appropriations 

G.R. 15 (S) 2-In Support of Renewing the Green Fee at UT

G.B. 15 (S) 3-Approval of the UTMSI GSA Spring Appropriation Request

G.R. 15 (S) 3-A Resolution Honoring Bill Powers

G.B. 15 (S) 4-Redistributions of Unspent Budget Items

G.R. 15 (S) 4-In Support of the Invest in Texas Platform

J.R. 15 (S) 5-In Support of Funding a Full Time Ombuds

2013-2014 Assembly Term

Bills & Resolutions

G.B. 13 (F) 1 - GSA Fall 2013 Appropriations Round 1

G.B. 13 (F) 2 -  GSA Fall 2013 Appropriations  Round 1

G.B. 13 (F) 3 - GSA Fall 2013 Appropriations Round 2

G.B. 13 (F) 4 - Revision of the Graduate Student Assembly Constitution

G.B. 14 (S) 1 - GSA Appropriations Round 1 Urgent   

G.B. 14 (S) 2 - GSA Appropriations Round 1

G.B. 14 (S) 3 - GSA Appropriations Round 2 Urgent

G.B. 14 (S) 4 - GSA Appropriations Round 2

G.R. 14 (S) 5 - In Support of Affordable Graduate and Professional Student Housing

G.R. 14 (S) 6 - Regarding the Need for Increased Multi-Family Housing in Central Austin

G.R. 14 (S) 7 - Regarding Staff Education Assistance for PhD Candidates

G.R. 14 (S) 8 - Resolution Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of the Graduate Student Assembly

G.R. 14(S) 9 - In Support of the Presidential Appointments of Invest in Texas Co-Directors

G.R. 14 (S) 10 - In Approval of the Presidential Appointments of Invest in Texas Co-Directors

G.R. 14 (S) 11 - In Approval of the Presidential Appointment of the GSA Membership Director

G.R. 14 (S) 12 - In Support of Not Implementing Shared Services at UT Until Pilot Data Have Been Assessed