GSA 2020-2021 PLATFORM

First and foremost, our goal is to be the combined voice of the graduate student body. UT Austin is as much a place of study and work for you as it is for us, and our aim is to continue making this a better place for all graduate students. To achieve this, we plan to focus on the following:


Graduate Student Labor Conditions Since the threat of the taxation on graduate student benefits, labor conditions has been in the forefront of the national conversation surrounding graduate students. We are an essential part to the research and teaching missions of the university and deserve to be treated as such. Graduate students take on a variety of roles at the university as TAs, AIs, GAs, and GRAs, but regardless of their position should receive the same compensation for the work they conduct. We will advocate for compensation to match the cost of living in Austin, 12-month (physical and mental) health care coverage, and access to affordable child care to allow graduate students to maintain an appropriate quality of life. Finally, it is crucial that the Tuition Reduction Benefit match the rate of tuition for all graduate student workers and will continue to work with administration to make sure that this continues in a sustainable way.


Diversity Representing the uniqueness of graduate students at University of Texas at Austin is an imperative part of our organization. We want to create an inclusive and welcoming culture that invites graduate students to share their experiences and issues. Besides representing the uniqueness of the University of Texas at Austin graduate school, we want to go beyond and into our local communities. To achieve that latter, we will be advocating for giving back to the community by planning several events throughout the academic year. 


Dissemination of Information Navigating the University of Texas at Austin can be difficult without the proper direction. Providing graduate students with a means to find resources for issues pertaining to their wellbeing, such as mental health, financial assistance, housing assistance, etc, is crucial to our upcoming year. We want to create an easier way for graduate students to obtain this needed information via a variety of channels like the graduate school website, gsa website, social media, and newsletter. We want to ensure that all graduate students do not miss out on this vital information. 


Your executive alliance is comprised of Gregorio Ponti, Physics Ph.D. student, and Karina Mendez Perez, STEM Education Ph.D. student.